Grooper 2023.1 continues to expand Grooper’s web capabilities, including a new way to add multiple Document Types to a single document and improved ways of processing electronic files, such as XML and EDI files, as well as upgrades to existing Grooper features.

Sure, Grooper can capably handle physical documents, OCRing with ease and translating text to an extracted data hierarchy. 

But what about other kinds of data structures?  Grooper 2023.1 brings new avenues to process electronic file content, including EDI and XML files.

In this video, we will introduce you to new features allowing Grooper to model and process electronic files with ease.  As we integrated brand new EDI file processing capabilities, we also improved our XML file processing capabilities. 

This lead us to the concept of “XML Data Interchange”. 

If you are processing XML data according to a set schema, whether for import or export, be sure to check out this video.  Grooper 2023.1 will make this workflow a breeze.

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