A Review of the 4 Best Document Scanning Services in Oklahoma City

by Jesse Spencer | October 21, 2019

If you manage a large archive of physical documents, chances are you’ll want to digitize them at some point. Finding a document scanning vendor in Oklahoma City that fits your unique and important needs is important.

While our document scanning services are located in Oklahoma City, and though we are SOC II compliant and leverage AI software to guarantee results, we understand that you might still want to consider all of your options before selecting a vendor. We’re commonly asked “If we don’t choose BIS, who would you recommend?” That’s why we’ve compiled a list of four of the best document scanning services companies in Oklahoma City.large document scanning oklahoma city and tulsa

We aren’t afraid to talk about our competition because our philosophy is that providing helpful, honest, and transparent content instills trust, and it’s the just the right thing to do. We’re thrilled to answer all your questions, and are happy you’ve found us.

Reviews of Document Scanning in Oklahoma City

ImageNet Consulting

When it comes to creating a paperless office, these guys are the pros. They’ve been in the office tech business since 1956. They started optimizing workflows with scanning technology in 2002.

If your digitization goals include adopting a new enterprise content management solution or updating your paperless workflows, ImageNet is a great option.



Check out our map of where document scanning services in Oklahoma City are located.


Midcon Data Services

Midcon’s recent purchase of GET Imaging makes them a powerful contender. With a records conversion history that dates back to the late 90’s, they have a proven track record. They process all types of physical documents, including micrographics and well logs.

If you need long term storage and basic scanning to electronic file, Midcon’s sizable facilities offer both.

Southwest Solutions Group

Southwest is a 50+ year old company offering a wide variety of services to a diverse range of industries. They focus on all things resource productivity. This includes floor / vertical space, information systems, security, and workers.

They offer onsite scanning, RFID tracking for documents, and will even scan a box of records for free.  


With a strong IT background, DocuScanGuys serves many industries with onsite or remote document scanning. They operate in Texas and Oklahoma.

They are a good solution for high-volume scanning on well-organized archives that don’t require data extraction.

Although it would be just as easy for you to choose a different document scanning company in the area, choosing BIS as your scanning services vendor will give you confidence that you’ve maximized the potential of your physical records.scanning-service-oklahoma-city-book

We believe document scanning without data integration is a missed opportunity. With the increasing value of data and new tools to process it, your paper and micrographics records archive is more valuable than ever.

Our team of over 20 scanning professionals located here in Oklahoma City, combined with the best scanning software in the industry, will provide your organization the most advanced document scanning services.

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