How to Use ChatGPT in Your Business: 6 Use Cases

by Tim McMullin | April 19, 2023

So you've heard about ChatGPT, and you're looking for ways to leverage it. After all, ChatGPT and all GPT models are incredible in their ability to generate text.

But what does all this mean for how your business can use ChatGPT?

First, it means that you can use OpenAI's GPT models to help process documents.  We're already doing it inside our flagship IDP product, Grooper.  Manually building prompts is awkward and unproductive.  Then, you have to copy and paste the replies to/from the ChatGPT website.  There's nothing automated about that process.

We have a better way. (Go direct to the 6 ChatGPT use cases for your business). 

Table of Contents:

    1. Extract Names from Documents
    2. Get Legal Descriptions from Land Records
    3. Find Clauses in Contracts
    4. Fraud Detection
    5. Increase Customer Retention and Issue Resolution Through Sentiment Analysis
    6. Document Summarization

OpenAI created an API (Application Programming Interface) for their GPT models (yes, there's more than one). Using that, we integrated Grooper with OpenAI — combining the power of ChatGPT with automated intelligent document processing.

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First, You Need Near-Perfect Text for ChatGPT.  But Why?

chat gpt business use documentsThe first step is to get your documents into the Grooper document processing platform. Whether your documents are PDFs, scanned originals, or electronic documents, Grooper extracts the text from those documents for usage.

Important Note: This is the most critical part of using ChatGPT in your business documents. That's because ChatGPT needs clean, well-formed text, or its outputs (and your results) will suffer greatly.

Why does Grooper do a great good job of this? Grooper uses state-of-the-art AI-based OCR to get near-perfect text from image-based documents — even documents with handwriting. Grooper uses OCR and Computer Vision to convert documents to text.

Once we have the text from the document, we can now use GPT and other Grooper methods to extract or leverage the data you want.

With all of that being said, here are several ChatGPT use cases that are difficult to accomplish with normal IDP platforms but are now easy to do with Grooper and GPT.

How Can You Use ChatGPT for Your Business?

1) Extract Names from Documents

chatgpt business ideasNamed entity extraction from documents has always been challenging. Traditional document processing looks for patterns in text to match data...but names don't follow set patterns.

Think of people's names: Some people have more than three names. Some people have only two. Many people are named after things that are not only the names of people but also the names of objects. 

All this makes finding a name on a document a tough task.   But in this use case, ChatGPT has been trained on 175 billion "parameters."  It's seen a lot of names.

So when you ask it to find names from text you've submitted to it, it does an incredible job.  And all you have to do to get those names with Grooper is a simple prompt, such as:

"Extract all the names from this document, respond with names only."

chat-gpt-for-business-documents-and data

2) Get Legal Descriptions from Land Records

chat gpt use casesLegal descriptions vary (which is part of the problem) but at their core, most legal descriptions in the US still use a system that is centuries old.

It's a system using townships, ranges, and sections to indicate where the property is located.  This system has existed since the 1700s, so you can imagine that many of these records are handwritten.

Various AI training methods have been used to find legal descriptions in the last decade, but none are reliable.  Again, enter ChatGPT with its colossal collection of trained data.

For this ChatGPT use case, a simple prompt of “What is the legal description on this document?" will yield better results than previous methods.  But GPT is trained on all other methods of legal descriptions as well.  I recently pulled legal descriptions from hand-written deeds from an African country.  Quite amazing.

3) Find Clauses in Contracts

chat gpt business ideasGPT models are chatbot-based.  That means they are designed for you to have a question-and-answer type of interaction with them.

Grooper has always been able to find clauses in a contract by dividing a document into its paragraphs and then training Grooper using a method called TF-IDF, which is a little sibling to how the GPT models have been trained.

But, with the method of Grooper using TF-IDF, you have to train Grooper to find the clauses.  It doesn't know what any of the clauses are.

So a big difference with GPT is that the model is pre-trained.  It's even in the name - "Generative Pretrained Transformer."  That means that now you can just query the model with questions like:

"Does this contract have a Force Majeure clause?"  "Extract the Force Majeure clause in this document."  

You can look for any other clause in a similar manner.

So What are the Benefits for Your Business?

There are two big benefits of this ChatGPT use case:

It's much easier and faster to find clauses now by using GPT. The bigger benefit of using GPT to find clauses is that it eliminates your needing an industry expert to find these clauses. And getting time from an industry expert can be very expensive.

In the days before GPT, trained personnel were required to find these clauses (depending on the contract type). You needed legal professionals, landmen, paralegals, or specialists for the industry the contract is in.

Now, GPT can provide that expertise for nearly no cost.


4) Fast and Easy Fraud Detection

chatgpt use case fraud detectionWhile the GPT models are not current (their training data varies, but most have a cutoff date of sometime in 2021), you can use a combination of methods with Grooper to detect fraud.

How? Once company names are extracted from a document via GPT, you can ask a follow-up question such as: “Are there any anomalies in this document?

Then, Grooper can validate the companies that GPT extracted against Web Service sources to detect known fraudulent actors.  This entire process is automated and streamlined and can easily be examined and scrutinized by a human worker.

5) Increase Customer Retention and Issue Resolution Through Sentiment Analysis

chatgpt use case sentiment analysisOne of the most powerful and simple use cases for ChatGPT is sentiment analysis.  Again, this was tricky without GPT.

Now, a block of text (like an email or a voicemail transcription) can be automatically sent to GPT through Grooper and classified based on positive or negative sentiment. You simply ask GPT, "Does this statement have a positive or negative sentiment?"

Negatively classified documents can be immediately routed to level 3 customer support for extra special care to ensure issue resolution and customer satisfaction.  Positive sentiment classifications can be sent to sales and marketing for various follow-ups, like getting a testimonial or writing a case study based on that customer's positive feedback.

6) Document Summarization

chatgpt use case business documentThere are countless ways that a business can use document summaries. A succinct summary at the beginning of a lengthy document will save employees countless hours of having to read through the entire document to understand it.

Document summaries can be auto-generated by ChatGPT and then inserted at the beginning of the document by Grooper.  The resulting PDF is not only a perfect rendition of the original document, but it also now has a clear summary at the beginning for easy understanding.

See How You Can Use ChatGPT in Your Business Documents!

These are just a few use cases for ChatGPT document data extraction and ChatGPT OCR.

As this technology rapidly evolves, we find new use cases or ChatGPT business ideas weekly. So give us a call now to discuss what you want from your documents.  You can ask them questions now - so what will you ask your documents?

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