Enterprise Search Software: 3 Tips for Success

by Brad Blood | March 9, 2020

Enterprise discovery and search software delivers critical insight in the digital workplace.

Today’s businesses demand near-instant access to information. And they need it in a format that’s easy to understand.

Most organizations have multiple silos of data spread across departments and geographies. What's needed is a centralized interface that creates an environment for rapid time-to-insight.

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What is Enterprise Search Software?

what-is-enterprise-search-software-definitionEnterprise search software is a tool that simplifies the organized retrieval and discovery of stored data, including an organization's internal and external data sources. They make information searchable by cleansing and properly structuring data found in disparate sources such as databases, e-mail servers, intranets, applications, scanned or electronic documents and web sites.

Employing and utilizing a powerful enterprise search software is important for an enterprise because retrieving data from a variety of data silos and shared information sources is vital to completing many business projects. Often, these brand of tools can integrate into many data silos at once to provide a comprehensive and secure method for users to search in virtually all of an organization's data locations anywhere in real time.

What Does an Enterprise Search Software Do?

Enterprise search and discovery software is one of the most essential components of every digital workplace. The future of your business depends on this critical capability.

Measure the effectiveness of your search and data discovery tools and processes:

search enterprise software


1. Push the needle on innovation

Innovation is not just for start-ups or industry disruptors. It’s the lifeblood of effective business strategy. Searching and discovering data should be so impactful that it changes the way you do business.

2. Create operational efficiencies

How much time do users spend searching for information? Do they have multiple options for intelligent search like voice and integrations with the applications they use every day?

3. Improve business outcomes

What critical business outcomes do you attribute to the effectiveness of enterprise search software and data discovery?

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However, Enterprise Search and Discovery is not a Product

The true value of discovering information is in the insight it provides. So think about enterprise search software as an “insight engine” for a constantly evolving vehicle. While specific products and solutions will be implemented, the human factor will have constantly changing needs.

When is there ever enough insight? Honestly, never.

3 Tips for Successful Enterprise Search Software Deployment:

1. Set proper expectations

Document the scope of your initiative. The breadth of possible projects and business processes you can serve is almost endless.

To have an enterprise search software deployment that is a smashing success, consider everything from:

  • Offsite data access
  • The devices that will be used
  • The sources of information (custom applications, cloud, on premises, etc.)
  • The skillsets required to implement the solution

best enterprise search software2. Commit the right people

Success will hinge on having the right people at the right time. You will need internal and external human resources.

You’ll need developers, data architects, user interface designers, project managers, and business analysts.

3. Establish a timeline

This may seem obvious, but planning for a 6-month implementation is our recommendation.

Of course, projects can take more or less time, but the right expectation is the one that provides the valuable time needed for completing a proof-of-concept and implementation.

And as we mentioned above, you’ll be in a constant cycle of improvement.

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Enterprise Search Software FAQs:

What are Enterprise Search Solutions?

what are enterprise search solutionsEnterprise search solutions are a range of software and applications that boost the information discovery into every kind of information in an organization's domain. They do this by retrieving, filing, tagging and sharing information no matter the size or type of the data file and also creating a powerful, secure and simple search function to find the data. 

For enterprise purposes, these solutions usually integrate with business intelligence platforms and master data management software in order to cleanse and properly structure data — and as a result, make information easier to find.

Enterprise search solutions can get information from a variety of sources like enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, supply chain suites, customer relationship management software (CRM), HR management software, and product information management software (PIM).

What Features Do Enterprise Search Solutions Include?

enterprise search featuresProducts in this category can usually:

  • Archive and index data
  • Collect information and be able to update it; even the data comes from different data sources, locations, formats and types
  • Provide an intuitive interface to enable data search and retrieval
  • Empower users with intelligent search options (such as: find similar/ same, auto-complete, rank results by relevance, etc.)
  • Provide advanced filters that enable users to fine tune or further refine their searches
  • Enhance security by letting designated users set user permissions to access information

What Privacy and Security Does Enterprise Search Provide?

search software securityEnsuring the security of an enterprise's data is a top priority when considering different search software. There are many security factors to consider, such as maintaining compliance with its own corporate security policies, SOC 2 and 3 regulations, and GDPR. 

Search software can safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of data through the following features and settings:

  • Enables the ability to control each user's access, using security filters to control who sees what content
  • Empowers multi-layer security across all cloud, on-prem data centers, operations and intranets
  • Follows all industry-specific and international compliance rules
  • Allows custom IP restrictions and data encryption
  • Content protection from malicious acts through encryption tools built into the data indexing pipeline
  • Will easily sync up with single sign-on and SSO providers

Critical business assets must be protected. Modern search solutions offer many security options to help IT administrators set up robust data protection while vastly improving the ability to find and and all data.

What is Intelligent Search or Predictive AI?

predictive ai intelligent searchPredictive AI is enterprise search software that leverages self-learning algorithms to provide ever-improving search results by learning from users and their usage patterns. Many believe that predictive AI is the future of search engines — and enterprise search.

It is similar to the technology that Google uses in its own search engine, which is based on user interaction to better give users the answers they are looking for.

As it pertains to enterprise search software, by leveraging custom APIs that were developed to make search work for a specific type of user or audience, Predictive AI could deliver finely-tuned results that always improve and become more accurate.

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