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Rules Engine in Grooper 2021

The way data rules are applied has been dramatically improved and expanded with the addition of a Rules engine and a corresponding new Data Rule

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Value Reader in Grooper 2021

The Value Reader extractor combines over a dozen multiple extractor types into a single extractor for increased functionality and ease of use.

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Behaviors in Grooper 2021

Behaviors are born of the idea that consolidating control of data flow to the objects most relevant to its collection and delivery creates a more

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Document Ingestion API in Grooper 2021

Learn about the new RESTful document ingestion API that provides the ability to create and populate batches, monitor batch status, and retrieve

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Label Sets in Grooper 2021

Onboard new document types quicker by treating labels as a "fingerprint" on complex and semi-structured docs. Smart label classification adds a

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Smart PDFs in Grooper 2021

Learn about creating smart PDFs - create bookmarks, use exported data as annotations, embed metadata, and set document properties like

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