kofax-softwareAre you tired of:

  • Struggling with new document capture system offerings that are little more than a new corporate logo?
  • Having everything archived but nothing locatable?

Do you know what real automation can do for your company, but don't know where to start?

We understand. It's just wrong to be stuck with inferior tools.

We Understand How Frustrating it is to be Held Back by Lackluster Technology

After scanning over 100 million pages in our own data migration center with legacy systems, we decided that enough is enough. That’s why we created Grooper, our AI-powered solution that reads your documents and makes intelligent decisions about OCR, classification, and indexing.

Thousands of users trust Grooper to process millions of pages containing billions of data fields every day. We’ve been helping document processing experts make a name for themselves for thirty-five years and counting.

Check out the video as we show you how Grooper can get to all of the difficult data.



In This Video You Will Learn:

  1. How to easily capture real-world data from Tables, Sections, and Periodic data (like an EOB document)
  2. How to quickly move document batches in and out of production
  3. Why industry consolidation has been bad for innovation
  4. Why lowering your capture error rate is more important than you realize
  5. How to upgrade from your Captiva or Kofax system, while keeping your existing system running while you’re migrating
  6. Why not upgrading your legacy capture system is costing you money
  7. Much more


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