Grooper 2023.1 continues to expand Grooper’s web capabilities, including improvements to the web client’s user interface, review experience, and the ability to debug scripts in a web browser.  

These features further advance our goal of giving users the power Grooper delivers from an easily distributable and accessible web application.  Grooper 2023.1 contains several other new features designed to enhance Grooper’s document capture and delivery capabilities.

This includes a new way to add multiple Document Types to a single document and improved ways of processing electronic files, such as XML and EDI files, as well as upgrades to existing Grooper features.

Scripting in the web client just got a whole lot easier!  Grooper 2023.1 improves scripting for custom objects and commands in the web client.  Most notably, you can now set your debug target as a web browser.  This will speed up script development and testing tremendously.

In this video we show you how to set up a “developer machine” for admin users coding custom Grooper scripts.  We also discuss the new GrooperSDK Visual Studio extension, how to compile scripts in the web client, and how to debug using the Grooper web client.


Watch this "2023.1 Overview" video to see us outline these new features and much more!

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