Grooper version 2023.1 is fast approaching!  

Grooper 2023.1 continues to expand Grooper’s web capabilities, including improvements to the web client’s user interface, review experience, and the ability to debug scripts in a web browser.  

These features further advance our goal of giving users the power Grooper delivers from an easily distributable and accessible web application.  Grooper 2023.1 contains several other new features designed to enhance Grooper’s document capture and delivery capabilities.

This includes a new way to add multiple Document Types to a single document and improved ways of processing electronic files, such as XML and EDI files, as well as upgrades to existing Grooper features.

Since the dawn of Grooper, a document can only be one kind of thing.  Each document can only be one Document Type.  But what happens when a document is more than a single kind of thing? When a document is partly this but also that?  What if you could give it two Document Types? 

Now you can! Secondary Types allow you to do something never possible in Grooper before version 2023.1.   With Secondary Types, you can now assign a document multiple Document Types. In this webinar, we will introduce you to Secondary Types, how to assign them, and how to use them.  We will go over two use cases currently using this new feature to vastly simplify data extraction, document review, data transformation, and export.

Watch this "2023.1 Overview" video to see us outline these new features and much more!

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