Are you getting the most out of your investment in Oracle? 

How productive is your invoice automation in Oracle?

Our intelligent document processing product, Grooper, leverages the latest advancements in AI.  With this, you can automate your invoice processing like never before, and with ChatGPT, you can even “talk to your invoices” to get even better data into Oracle.

In this video "How to Automate Invoice Processing for Oracle with ChatGPT", you will learn how to use this intelligent tech to automatically extract all invoice data and use GPT tools to automate processes that once required loads of manual effort.

Discover How You Can:

  1. Use AI to extract information from invoices - emailed, paper, or even EDI
  2. Validate the data and match it
  3. Push the data into your Oracle system

With Grooper, your invoices will be automatically read, and each AP clerk's processing ability will be supercharged to five or six times their current capacity.  And your team will sleep easy knowing their work is done each day.

Discover how to automate all of your invoice processing with Oracle.  Watch today!