Onboard new document types quicker by treating labels as a "fingerprint" on complex and semi-structured docs. Smart label classification adds a fourth classification mode in Grooper. Historically, Grooper has had three modes of classification: Lexical, Visual, and Rules-Based. Grooper 2021 introduces a fourth classification mode: Smart Label Classification. Label Classification allows for classification of documents based on the set of labels that appear on a particular document, treating them as a “fingerprint,” which allows for very, very reliable classification given the correct set of conditions, and is designed for classifying complex, semi-structured documents (although it may have uses for classification of structured documents).

Using Label Classification also enables a number of other features, including the ability for business users to onboard new document types in an architect-configured model. Many of the improvements around Label Classification – including a new, smarter key-value pair – make configuration easier and extraction more reliable for semi-structured and structured documents.