As a system Admin, providing fast and reliable Grooper access to your users is a requirement.

Outsourcing data entry and review has become an extremely common way to reduce costs and create scale quickly for projects involving high volumes of documents and moderate complexity. And as many workplaces continue to evolve, there are more and more users working from home...

The Problem: Security & IT Resources

Even though you’ve done a great job designing and testing your new solution, you’re still far from being ready to deploy it in production. Your new challenge is providing access to this data to those working from home and those completely outside of your organization.

You can’t compromise information security and getting additional IT resources for provisioning VMs is an uphill battle.

The Answer: Grooper Web Client

What if there was a way to let users work with documents in Grooper using only an internet connection?

Well in Grooper 2022, there is.

But How Do I Install and Configure the Server for the Web Client?

Great question. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to install and configure the server that hosts the web client for Grooper 2022.

Check Out the Webinar Here