Are you getting the most out of your Hyland investment? 

Our intelligent document processing product, Grooper, uses the latest advancements in AI, and we will show you how it can help you “talk to your documents” inside your Hyland OnBase system.

In this Video, you will see how to use AI advancements like ChatGPT to extract and enhance data in your business documents.

You Will Learn 3 Things:

  1. How to take advantage of the newest OCR engines, even without using the cloud
  2. How to have a conversation with a wide variety of your documents using OpenAI’s GPT models (ChatGPT) and easily enable workflows that have never been possible before
  3. How to integrate this new technology with your Hyland OnBase system

If you’ve ever struggled to get good data from your documents, these new methods are a game changer. Honestly.

Here's a Sample of What You Will Learn in This Video:

Many organizations need to understand their documents better, discover what's really in them, and to convert that data into a format that's easily usable in their Hyland OnBase system.

hyland-ocrBut how do you do that quickly and accurately, with massive amounts of documents? How do you get data off documents like this legal document, that has printed text, handprint and cursive handwriting?

For example, what does that say highlighted in orange? Is it the 27th day, or 274th day? If it's hard for you to tell, it's even tougher for ChatGPT.

You can use ChatGPT with Hyland OnBase, but ChatGPT needs clean, well-formed text. So ChatGPT needs a lot of help here.

This is where Grooper makes a massive difference. By by using Grooper's AI capabilities around OCR, all of the text is accurately recognized and extracted for GPT to use.

This is just one of many examples that you will see how you can use AI, ChatGPT, and OCR in this video.  If you are not embracing these new technologies, rest assured that your competitors are!

Learn how to use AI-based OCR and Chat GPT with your Hyland OnBase system. Register today!  Grooper supports OnBase, Perceptive, Nuxeo, and Alfresco systems.