Have you heard about the benefits ChatGPT can offer to your mailroom?  You probably haven't heard much about it, as the chatter around OpenAI's ChatGPT has been poor in how you can leverage it to save significant time and expenses.

So check out our video to show how you can use ChatGPT (and other GPT models) to automate your mailroom document processing.

We focus on two specific GPT mailroom use cases:

  1. Return mail processing
  2. Classification and distribution of incoming mail to remote workers

Our document automation platform, Grooper, has incorporated OpenAI's GPT technology to simplify your mailroom activities. We know that ensuring the mail reaches the right person can be a challenge in today's environment.

So we created Grooper, our AI-powered solution that can accurately read and direct your mail documents to their intended recipients. Two of the newest examples are our ChatGPT document processing and ChatGPT OCR.

So sign up today to learn about ChatGPT for your mailroom!