mailroom-automation-softwareAlways Playing Catch Up with Incoming Mail?

At BIS, we know you want your mailroom to be the hero of the company. In order to do that, you need change the way you’re processing incoming mail.

The problem is, you can take a day off, but the mail never does, which makes you feel like catching up is impossible.

We don’t think it should be so hard to get the mail where it needs to go.

The Path to a Modern Mailroom is Simple and Easy

We understand that routing the mail is more difficult now than ever before, which is why we built Grooper, our AI-powered solution that reads your documents and directs them where they need to go.

That’s why, over our thirty-five year history, thousands of companies have trusted BIS to modernize and digitize their document flows, making sure they have their documents where they need them, when they need them.

So watch the video: "Modern Mailroom: How to Make Your Mailroom the Hero of the Company"

mailroom-webinar-Jul-07-2022-02-35-41-50-PMIn This Video, You Will Learn:

  1. How technology has enabled the digital, automated mailroom
  2. The benefits of an automated mailroom
  3. How to get started down your mailroom automation journey
  4. Why we say the mailroom will be the hero of the company after automation

The hosts for this webinar video are:

  • Jason McManus, BIS Chief Revenue Officer
  • Kevin Goss, Vice President of Postal Affairs and Enterprise Development at Postal Source, MDA, MDP, OSP 

Watch it Today!