Have you ever wanted to change the layout of the fields and sections in Data Review?

Maybe you’d prefer your Data Fields appear listed horizontally rather than in a vertical list.  Perhaps you’d like your Data Fields to more closely mirror the layout of the structured form you’re reviewing. 

Maybe you just want more fine tuned control of the size of Data Elements in the review panel or fonts that are used or the color scheme.


With Grooper 2023, you can do all that and more. 

Version 2023 allows users to customize the Data View interface using CSS style sheets in the Web Client.  With fields, sections and tables rendered as HTML elements in a web browser, a whole universe of styling options are at your fingertips. 

In this video, we will introduce you to the basics of styling your Data Models with CSS, illustrate some techniques you can use in your own environments, and demonstrate several approaches to using CSS to customize the data review experience.

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