Learn about the new RESTful document ingestion API that provides the ability to create and populate batches, monitor batch status, and retrieve results.

Beginning in 2021, Grooper offers a RESTful Document Ingestion API. An API is a method for communicating with a piece of software using a predefined series of commands and predefined response format delivered (usually) via HTTP requests. RESTful simply means that the API is “stateless;” that is, no call, or response relies on stored information about previous calls. The API is provided via an installable Grooper service.

The document ingestion API provides the ability to create and populate batches, and the ability to monitor the status of batch processes, and retrieve results. It allows users to create dashboards or portals that interface with existing processes, including allowing them to build portals that feed documents into a Grooper process, or dashboards that display, and change extracted values.

The API Has some other capabilities, such as the ability to ingest compressed archives of Grooper notes (which could assist in automation of new repository population) and the ability to query certain pieces of information from the repository.