Discover how to easily migrate data to Box!

While we’ll be talking about Hyland OnBase and OpenText AppEnhancer (ApplicationExtender), these same methods will work for nearly any document repository you want to migrate to Box.

You Will Discover How to:

  • Convert Handwriting:  Automatically convert handwriting so it’s now searchable and discoverable in Box
  • Summarize:  Create automated document summaries
  • Perform Sentiment Analysis:  Understand and discover the good, the bad and the ugly about your documents
  • Auto-Redact PII:  Protect sensitive data with ease
  • Convert Foreign Languages:  Translate documents instantly without the need for native speakers on staff.
  • Convert Large Files into Usable Documents:  Break up large files into separate documents for easier retrieval and usage.

Get the video and see how to augment data as you migrate.

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