Is your student onboarding constantly running behind? Finding it tough to quickly and reliably articulate incoming student transcripts?

Faster student onboarding means more students at your school, but you're held back by manual processes and older systems that don't talk to each other.

It makes you feel like you're running an uphill race every semester.

There's got to be a much easier way, right?

In this video "Accelerate Your Student Onboarding 10x with Transcript Automation", you will see how you can transform your entire onboarding process.  You will be the first to respond to prospective students and save thousands of hours of painstaking work!

In This Video, You Will Gain 3 Things:

  1. Learn how to transform your onboarding process to make it faster and more efficient
  2. See real-world success stories of universities that have used Grooper
  3. A live demonstration and a Q&A session

📈 Did You Know?
The average freshman today applies to up to 8 universities. And according to research, the university that responds first to an incoming application has a higher chance of securing that student's enrollment.

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